Upward Mobility

A band on the rise!

The versatile band Upward Mobility has been performing live R & B, jazz, pop, and rock & roll music for several decades.  The band is comprised of six main members representing hometowns of Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.  The style of music and material performed is influenced by the band's strong vocal talent and sweet saxophone play.

With the talent to play a wide variety of music, Upward Mobility has performed at many different types of events, including banquets, night clubs, concerts, weddings, debutante balls, and company parties.  This versatility was exhibited recently when the band performed a high school prom and a retirement party on consecutive weekends.   The venues that the band has performed include major hotels and performance halls throughout California.  The band has shared the stage with many other celebrities.

The main members of the band are:

JEFFREY LEWIS – Drums & Vocals • HARRY MCELROY - Bass & Vocals • LARRY MCELROY - Guitar & Vocals • EDDIE MILLER – Keyboards & Vocals • TOMMY MYERS - Saxophone & Keyboards • SHERYL WALKER - Vocals.

Frequent Substitutes:

GREGORY COOK – Keyboards • KEITH SWAN - Drums & Vocals

Occasional Guest Artist: